Come on in. This is a virtual store. Even the image of the shop is virtual: composed of at least 4 different images. We’ll pretend that you could actually visit here. We do have a policy and a physical address of the computer. Remember: we make money through cookies for many of products posted. Please don’t eat the cookies! Save them for 1-3 months.

Some of our merchants are listed on special pages of our sister site, called VCCTI for short, and you may be linked to those estore pages at times. Why 2 different sites? The other site is designed for teachers, students and families. This site is for a more general audience and carries a broader range of products and merchants. Bottom line: Enjoy the shopping experience!

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Look for Special Discounts?

Many merchants have special discounts for online purchases. The VCCTI Sales page will post the current sales and coupons. Look for long-term sales and discounts among the product pages and/or at each merchant’s website.